LINE - another instant messaging competitor

By: Unknown, January 29, 2012
Instant messaging has become one of the top features in smartphones. Blackberry is well-known for BBM and then Apple joined in with iMessage and Samsung joined in with ChatON. However, some IM apps such as Whatsapp are not owned by a smartphone company.
Now there is competition in that too. LINE is another really good IM app. There are quite a lot of social apps in the App Store, but what makes LINE special in my opinion is that it offers special features not found in most other IM apps.
One feature I like is that you can add people by their ID and not just phone number. Users get the option of choosing a unique ID of their choice which they can be added by.
Another feature is adding friends via a QR code. This makes it easier to add friends.
Furthermore, you could also have a profile picture. Rather than loading your pictures from your contacts list (like whatsapp) LINE lets you choose your own profile picture (similar to BBM).
I am not saying that LINE knocks out whatsapp and other IM apps, but it's definitely in the competition and should cause challenge amongst other apps.
What do you think of LINE? Is it a strong competitor? Have you tried it? Leave a comment and let us know.

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