What to expect in the iPhone 5

By: Unknown, February 4, 2012
   iPhone 5 is now the 'top secret' which everyone would like to know about. Apple are known for keeping their products information hidden until it is officially announced. However, there are several expectations which we can predict will be be featured in the iPhone 5. Here are some predictions I can share with you. I would also like it if you can share some in the comments section below.

Release date:
When will the iPhone 5 be released? It is quite unlikely that the iPhone 5 will be released this summer as the iPhone 4S was released this October. Apple used to release an iPhone per year every summer, but the iPhone 4S' release date was delayed due to some technical problems with the chip. So will Apple revert back to their old cycle and release an iPhone every summer or would their release date change to October? Leave your opinion as a comment.

Bigger screen:
Android mobiles have been very special for their bigger screen size. However, this led to a horrible design of most Android phones IMO. iPhone 4 and 4S have a lovely sleek design which make them more aesthetically pleasing than all Android phones. Will Apple be able to keep their special design and increase the screen size? Also, if Apple increase the screen size, most apps in the App Store will probably not be compatible with the new iPhone. Apple may have to announce the phone a bit earlier than the release date to allow the app developers enough time to make their apps compatible with the bigger screen. Alternatively, Apple could add a  x2 or x1.5 button like in the iPad.

More durability:
Another common advantage in competitor smartphones is the durability of these phones. Samsung Galaxy S2 could be thrown on the ground and kicked around without breaking. On the other hand, iPhone 4S is made of glass and much more likely to break when dropped. Will Apple make the iPhone 5 with an aluminium back to prevent it from breaking? Will doing so ruin the amazing look of the iPhone?

Better camera:
The camera in the iPhone 4S is good, but some competitors have better cameras. The camera in the iPhone 4S is 8 mega pixel while the camera in some competitive smartphones are as high as 14 mega pixels! Also, some phones now feature a 3D camera. Although I personally did not like the 3D experience myself when I tried it out on a Samsung phone, Apple could add such a feature in the iPhone 5.

Better graphics better speed:
Always happens. Apple always upgrade this in iPhones. They have been doing it and will almost definitely continue doing so.

Wireless charging! :
However shocking this may seem but the iPhone 5 may feature wireless charging. Several months ago, rumors have been flying around about wireless charging. It was said that Apple is interested in using WiTricity in their new iPhones. This is the concept behind WiTricity:

 Check out this video for WiTricity in action:

In conclusion, these are expectations in the iPhone 5. They are not facts. Is there anything else you expect in the iPhone 5 that I missed out on? Which feature would you like to see most? Have you got anything to say about the expectations I mentioned? Leave a comment and let us know.

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