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By: Unknown, March 14, 2012
Before I start I would like to point out that throughout this post I will be mentioning prayers. By that I mean Muslim prayers and not prayers by any other religion.
As you know praying is a very important religious practice you need to perform very regularly. However you may forget to pray one of your prayers every now and then. And as I often hear "You forget to pray but you never forget your iPhone." With this app however, if you remember your iPhone you remember to pray.
iPray is an app that shows you the prayer times of the day you are in and several days after. It also sends you a local notification (iOS 4+) whenever it is time for the athan. Especially with iOS 5 coming in with the notification centre and apps like lockinfo [link to lockinfo post] you will see the notification on the go. This will allow you to keep good track of your prayers.

Time left for next prayer
Compass for Qibla
Islamic events

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  1. Jazak Allah, very useful Islamic app. I also found Islamic App on iPhone, I think it’s one of the best comprehensive app designed for Muslims, Tasbeeh, Qibla Direction, Prayer Times, Quran, Prayer Counter are best features of this app. I loved that. Prayer timing is yet another app from Deenwise with an easy to use interface, displaying daily prayer times (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha) according the location. This modern freeware app Prayer timing can help Muslims perform daily prayers anywhere in the world in time. Download For iOS: Prayer Timings


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