Get Android like brightness settings for iPhone - swipe status bar to change brightness

By: Unknown, April 23, 2012
The competition is big! Android and Apple are always striving to make their OS better than the other's. But there are some features which iPhone users want that Apple did not introduce in iOS perhaps due to copyright issues. One of these features is the quick access to changing the brightness simply by swiping the status bar. Thankfully, as I always say, thanks to developers and thanks to Cydia.With a few simple downloads you can have a similar option to that found in Android.

What you need:
  • Activator (free)
  • Brightness activator action (free)
  • A jailbroken iPhone (click here)
Let's get started!
Download both of the packages mentioned above from Cydia. You probably already have activator, but not the brightness activator action.

Once done you will need to respring your iPhone and then launch the settings app. Scroll down and choose brightness activator action. You will see a screen similar to this:

Adjust the slider to fit your style. I personally prefer it in this position so the brightness is not changing too much or too little, it gives you suitable control over your brightness.

After that you can open activator, also from the settings app and choose anywhere ( choose other options if you want to limit this tweak from working in any place on your iPhone, but I recommend choosing anywhere.)

Scroll down to status bar and choose "Swipe right" then choose "Brightness Up". Then go back and choose "Swipe left" and choose "Brightness Down" as shown in the screen-shots below:

That's it! No need to respring or anything you can now easily change your brightness using simple free tweaks.

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