New iPhone being developed with same design and 1 GB RAM

By: Unknown, April 14, 2012
We know a new iOS device coming probably by the end of this year, some features of the new iPhone are already leaked. I had previously written a post about what I am expecting in the new iPhone but these are features confirmed by 9to5mac.
The new iPhone is said to have 1 GB RAM. This would be an outstanding feature. However, Apple must ensure that they avoid heat loss and battery drainage when they do so. We have already seen such issues with newer devices such as the iPhone 4s and the new iPad, but Apple were quick to respond with software updates. Hopefully Apple will be able to manage these features without any issues.
The more surprising thing is the design of the iPhone. Apple are testing the new iPhone with the same design as the iPhone 4 and 4s. Nevertheless, according to 9to5mac, this is only to avoid leakage of the design of the design of the new iPhone. Furthermore, the website assures that the new iPhone will be getting a new design.
What do you think Apple are planning to do? Do you think the new iPhone will be successful? Leave us a comment below.

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