Enable Siri location searches in countries outside the US!

By: Unknown, May 20, 2012
When Apple first released Siri, you were only able to search for locations in the US. We understand that it's still in beta, but why don't they allow us to use Siri for locations in Google Maps. Nevertheless, a tweak is now available on the Cydia store that allows you to extend Siri's knowledge into countries outside the US. Note that this is also in beta and will not function as good as Siri locations in the US. This tweak could also be useful for US citizens in case you ever travel outside the US and would like to know where the nearest ATM or petrol station is. I would assume that it uses Google Maps to provide you with the reply.

The tweak is called "The International locations for Siri" and it is available for $0.99 only in Cydia. So if you think you will find this tweak useful be sure to grab it. However, if you are not too desperate I would recommend you to wait for iOS 6 which will most likely be announced this June. Stay tuned!

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