Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S3 video review

By: Unknown, May 6, 2012
A few days ago I published a post about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Today I saw a video of it being used and I was amazed by this device. It has a natural display and UI that make me want to buy the phone now. But being the patient person I am, I decided (like most others) to wait for the release of the new iPhone and see what features it will have. Here is a post covering up what is expected to be released in the new iPhone. Here is the video I was talking about:

This seriously does create a big challenge for Apple. If Apple do not take a big step forward in the new iPhone it will almost definitely be replaced by this astonishing device. Apple's iPhone does have a great UI and I love the apps they have, but they need to make the Springboard more natural and customisable. Notice how beautiful the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks like when the pages are being turned, in comparison to the iPhone, this is years ahead in technology.
If Apple 'pimp' their springboard the same way Samsung 'pimp' it for you then it would be a great move by Apple. If only Apple give users the freedom of breaking from the plain 4 x 4 grid then it would overcome the Samsung. The time has come for Apple to make a change, and it better be a good one.
What do you think about the Galaxy S3? How do you think Apple will respond to this device? Share your opinions below. And also please share this post with your friends and let them know about this competition too!

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