How to enjoy a jailbroken iDevice without disturbing your warranty

By: Unknown, May 24, 2012
Jailbreaking your iDevice whether it's an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad surely opens up a lot of freedom to your device. Jailbreaking doesn't only allow you to unlock your iPhone so that it can be used with any carrier,  it provides a lot of great extra features such as themes, tweaks, and really cool modifications that will just thrill your experience. However, the main downside to jailbreaking is the loss of your warranty. When you lose your warranty, you are no longer provided support from Apple stores. But since jailbreaking means a lot to many people, there is a simple workaround to 'unjailbreak' your iOS device and a few things you have to bypass to stick to the safe side.

So what exactly is the method that allows you to 'unjailbreak' your device before you send it to an Apple store to fix? And what are the pre-cautions that you have to follow? By following these instructions you can enjoy your jailbroken iDevice without having to worry about the loss of your warranty. Jailbreaking does certainly bring you great features such as StayOpened, and App update notifier.

The method is really simple. All you have to do is restore your iPhone using iTunes and the jailbreak is usually gone! Usually.. It may seem easy, but it's not always that simple. You can choose to update your device or simple restore. Please remember to back up your device before restoring it to provide yourself with your files.

Quick tip: If you would like to restore your iDevice to an iOS that is not the latest, you can hold the Shift key and click on restore for PC. For Mac, hold option and then click restore. You must make sure that you have download the frimware you would like.

By restoring you are removing evidence from your iDevice that it has been jailbroken. However, the baseband does not change. Your baseband is one thing on your iPhone that once you change, it is almost impossible to undo. Note that if you are an iPod touch user you do not need to worry about baseband since iPod Touch does not have a SIM card yet.

An occasion about basebands that you may have been aware of was the increase of your baseband to allow unlocking your iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1. There have been several other occasions in the future with newer iPhones. The good thing though is that jailbreaking tools warn you before updating your baseband and warn you about how bad that is. So if you have never seen such an error before then you are on the safe side. However, if you have updated your baseband or jailbroken your iPhone in a shop or something, then your baseband is likely to have changed from what Apple wants. In that occasion you can not retrieve your warranty.

Above is a screenshot in the about section of my iPhone 3G. Now my iPhone can not receive support from Apple, not just because it's been years since I bought it but also because of my baseband (modem frimware). I can not really tell you what your frimware should be because it varies depending on your iPhone/iPad and the iOS you are currently running. Beware, with a modified baseband you can easily lose your warranty and never be able to recover it, so next time you jailbreak make sure you are going the right way.

So I hope you guys found this post useful. I have seen a lot of doubt and question being asked all over the internet about this topic so I tried clearing it up in this post, and I hope I succeeded at doing so. If you have any questions feel free at asking them in as a comment. Also, please share this post with your friend's and let them know about this tip too.


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