Facebook introduces the App Center

By: Unknown, June 8, 2012

So Facebook are taking another big step, but this time not just in iOS, not just
in Android but also on the web. The App Center that Facebook are gradually introducing is available for web, iOS and Android. It offers quite a lot of apps. Most of these apps were already available from before the release of the app center. The app center is still not officially launched, but it's on the doors. There will be free and paid apps. On mobile, the app center displays the apps that integrate with Facebook and then directing you to the App Store or Google Play to download them. This could be hinting at Facebook integration in iOS 6.

The App Center features over 600 apps in total. This is actually quite a big number for Facebook. The thing about Facebook App Center is that it is obviously not a competitor to big App Stores such as Apple's and Android's. However, it is a good way to get in the lead in social networks.

App Center on PC

When you click on install you will be directed to the App Store

So you like the App Center? What do you think this means to the future of Facebook and social networks? Share your opinion as a comment.

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