iPhone 5 concepts [pictures]

By: Unknown, June 23, 2012
So if Apple decide to call the next iPhone to be iPhone 5, the new iPhone, or event the next iPhone; all this doesn't matter, what matters most importantly to fans of Apple's iPhones are the features and what the iPhone will look like. Today I have a few interesting pictures of what people expect or want the iPhone 5 to look like. Obviously since Apple is so secretive about their new products there are no right or wrong answers yet. So tell us which of these designs you like most and which ones you expect most.

Coolest but least likely. This concept showcases th iPhone as to be transparent. Really cool right? we got a video of this concept around a week ago. Check it out here.

This one is a lot more likely than the first one. It shows mainly the change in screen size, but you can only note the image in the back has a rather cool dark section in the middle.

This concept shows the width of the iPhone decreasing as you get closer to the top of the screen. This provides a really nice and special design.

This concept makes the iPhone look like a mouse with a shining Apple logo. Probably most comfortable to hold.
[Source Mashable]

As I already mentioned these are all concepts and there are no right or wrong answers. Join the debate. Which is the best design? And which is most likely?


  1. Oh I wish the transparent design comes!!!

    1. Yea but it's least likely so lower your expectations :)


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