Summary of iOS 6's top features

By: Unknown, June 12, 2012
With over 200 new features, Apple's iOS which got the most 'very satisfied' rating has become even better. I would like to highlight the main features of this great iOS that was announced yesterday in the WWDC 2012. Other than releasing a new iOS, Apple also released a new Mac featuring retina display and a new OS. So here is an overview of the main new features in iOS 6, please remember that Apple always keep some hidden features which they don't announce.

The Maps app as expected got a massive new update. The app is built by Apple from the ground up and features:

  • A new beautiful design
  • Turn-by-turn spoken routes
  • Notifies you if your route is too crowded and lets you know how much time you can save by taking another route!
  • 3D interactive flyover view!

Siri upgraded:
Siri has received a few great updates:
  • Available on iPad
  • Understands more languages
  • Launching apps
  • Ask Siri for the latest scores in sport events
  • Make movie reservations
  • Reserve seats in a restaurant
  • Siri launch button in car's steering wheel! (coming soon)

Facebook integration:
Another expected feature. This is like the Twitter integration in iOS 5, but for Facebook. But it also allows you to sync birthdays into your calendar and see if any of your friends liked the app/song.

Photo Stream:
This is simply a Wow! What photo stream does is allow you to share photos with other iOS 6 or Mac owners. You can comment on or like any of the shared photos. Apparently, it seems like you can make groups for photo sharing. So next time you and your friends take photos in a good day out, you can share the photos together from the photos app and have photos that your friends captured downloaded into your photos app! That;s simply great.

If you're talking about revolutionary ideas, then this is definitely one. This app allows you to keep all your passes such as a movie or even a flight ticket on your iPhone, so that all you have to do is get it scanned instead of having your passes scattered all over your wallet, this app unifies them all in one neat app that's simple to use. However, the app will probably only work in certain countries and I can't give my opinion about it until I actually try it out.

Facetime calls could now be done over cellular data and not just 3G. A very small update but people wanted it. In case you haven't heard of facetime, this is an app that allows video calling to be done over the internet.

Phone app:
To be perfectly honest, the enhancements in the phone app are really amazing. When receiving a call in the lockscreen, you can slide up the bottom-right hand corner (where the camera icon usually is) to retrieve a few options. You can reply with an SMS or iMessage, or you can choose to be reminded about the call later. When replying with a message, you are offered a few templates if you wish. There is also a "Do not disturb" option in the settings app that suppresses calls and notifications. Furthermore, the screen does not light up when a new notification is received. But what if you're getting a call from someone important? Simple, you can choose some contacts to bypass the Do Not Disturb feature!

A few improvements here. Pull to refresh, VIP inbox and sharing photos and videos directly from the app.

Safari also got a few cool enhancements:
  • Full screen browsing (in landscape mode)
  • iCloud tabs
  • Offline reading list
iOS 6 comes with great features for anyone with special needs. The features make it easier to use the device if you have hearing, vision, mobility .. disabilities. Also, you can restrict the use of certain buttons or only allow one app to be used e.g. during a test.

  • Redesigned App Store, iTunes and iBooks.
  • New features for inputting in Chinese
  • Find my iPhone
  • Find my Friends

If you have a developer account you should seriously be considering the upgrade. iOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 3GS and better, iPad 2 and better, and iPod touch 4. If you don't have a developer account then you will have to wait till fall for the full release of the operating system to the public as well as the highly possible announcement of a new iPhone and iPod touch.

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Update: A lot more has happened in iOS 6, make sure you haven't missed any:

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