Amazon rumoured to be making a smartphone

By: Unknown, July 7, 2012
Update: Finally 2 years later, Amazon announces its first phone, Amazon Fire.

It's not very surprising. Amazon have entered the tablet industry many months ago and have done a really great job with the Kindle Fire. Now it seems like Amazon are going mobile too. The possibilities are high considering they already have their own App Store, best selling e-reader, great online store, and have also bought a 3d mapping application. All of these reasons make the idea of Amazon releasing a smartphone highly possible.

There are no images and no true expectations of what Amazon could do. The best guess I have would be that they will develop an OS similar to that on Kindle Fire (Modified Android Software).

A smartphone made by Amazon I think will be great. It would probably be priced at a low price in comparison to Samsung and Apple smart phones, but as we saw with the Kindle Fire it could definitely become a big success. If you're quite shocked about Amazon releasing a smartphone that could compete with Android and iOS then here is a more shocking article I have written a few months ago:
Facebook could be launching a smartphone soon.

So how high are your expectations for an Amazon phone? Could it be a big competitor in the market?

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