Apple could be announcing a mini iPad in October!

By: Unknown, July 2, 2012
So the rumours have come back again. Apple's mini iPad has been a topic for many tablet fans since last April just before the launch of the new iPad. Now the rumours are back claiming that Apple will announce a mini iPad this October! So this should be coming out alongside a newer iPhone and perhaps even an iPod touch. But just think about this. Apple didn't give the iPod touch 3rd generation the upgrade to iOS 6 while it gave the upgrade to iPhone 3Gs which is also the 3rd generation. So Apple could be gradually taking out the iPod touch to help it with the mini iPad which will be priced slightly higher than the iPod touch. Furthermore, Apple has not released an iPod touch in ages so they could actually be ending it soon prior to the launch of the mini iPad.

Why will Apple even do that? While the iPod touch has a 3.5 inch screen and the iPad has a 9.7 inch screen, is releasing something in the middle of these two a great idea? 6 inches would seem reasonable but then again having many screen sizes doubles the work for developers. On the other hand it gives a wider choice to consumers. And if Apple release it at $299 or $399 then it could be a good killer to competitors, even the ones that are new to the tablet industry.
Image source [Trusted reviews]

Apple has already proved that it is capable of killing competitors when almost all tablets that have the same screen size as iPad have been sold in minute quantities. So will releasing a mini iPad help take out the smaller sized competitors too?


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