Email tray- the best email program for Windows

By: Unknown, July 12, 2012
If you are looking for an email program for Windows then look no further! I have been looking for a program that is similar to the email software on iOS, a program that unifies my inbox, and to be honest Email Tray is almost perfectly what I and you too are probably after. The email client offers great features including:

  • Sorts your emails automatically into priorities
  • Rules (awesome unique feature explained later on in the post)
  • Facebook and linkedin integration
  • Notifications
Email tray offers a free and premium version. The free version has all the features I listed above. The only two features available in the paid premium version are:
  • Password protecting the app
  • Creation of personalized signatures with images for different types of recipients and for every email account
Instructions on how to activate premium are available here.

So what are rules?

Rules is a great unique feature in Email Tray. It lets you specify what happens to an email when with certain specifications is received. So let's say a certain email account is always sending you spam email. Obviously the message will go to spam. But you can have it that the message is archived. The image below is further explanatory.

So now all messages from this address will be automatically archived.

Facebook and Twitter integration:

So basically all I have got to say is this is the best email client for windows that I have found yet. Have you got any better ones?

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