Great Ramadan iPhone apps to make the most out of Ramadan!

By: Unknown, July 19, 2012
Ramadan kareem! As you know Ramadan is here. Ramadan is a month for Muslims where we fast and usually pray more than usual. So today I would like to share a few apps with you which you could help you make the most out of Ramadan. If you have gotten more apps please share them with the community. I know most pf my page views come from non-muslim countries, but this is still a great way of sharing it with the Muslims and even the non-muslims as it's always great to experience beliefs of different cultures. So here are the apps.

1- iQuran

First up is iQuran made by guided ways. This is the best Quran reading app I have ever found and used. The app offers a great UI and is simply easy to use. It also allows you to share, bookmark and search different Aya's in the Quran. Alongside all this you can listen to a Sheikh reading the Quran. The app automatically scrolls with him to make the app easier to use You also have definitions which you can disable if you don't want them. The full version is available at $6.99 but the lite version is good enough to use.

2- iPray

iPray is also made by guided ways. The app lets you see prayer times as well as get notified for every athan using local notifications (iOS 4+). You can also see the Qibla as well as Islamic events. Qibla integration with the compass requires the full version and so do the notifications. I recommend you purchase this app for $3.99 so that you don't miss the prayers. A free version is available with limited functionality.

3- iAzkar

Made by i4islam, iAzkar is free and lets you read as well as listen to Azkar. The app includes morning, afternoon, prayer and selected azkar. Overall a great and a must have app.

These are really my favorite and most used ones. Please note that I am not advertising these apps for money or anything, I just liked them and wanted to share them.

Did I miss any app out? Share it as a comment below. Ramadan kareem!

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