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By: Unknown, July 28, 2012
bluestacks logo Android may be regarded as a leading OS since there were two times as much Android phones as iPhones sold in the last quarter, not really fair considering there are a lot more Android phones. But still Android is a major OS when it comes to smart phones and tablets. I recently found an app that allows you to run Android apps (NOT THE OS!!) on your Windows PC and Mac. After testing it for a while I found some unique features that made this app great. Read on to know more about this!
The app I use for this is called BlueStacks. It is available for Windows and Mac (limited apps) which is really great. But what are the really awesome features I was talking about? It’s these features that I love most about BlueStacks:
  • Ability to download apps from Google Play
  • Use arrows as a replacement to accelerometer (helps in games that require tilting)
  • Choose the screen size of how you want the app to be e.g. tablet, small phone, large phone.
  • Great compatible apps such as Temple Run and WhatsApp
  • Search and Download available at main page that automatically downloads apps searched for
  • Similar apps sidebar that automatically starts a download if you click on the icon
  • Free .. for now
BlueStacks capture
Bluestacks is available for free now because it is still in beta. Once the official app is released it will be for money so grab it before it’s too late! Do you know of any better app to run Android apps on Windows or Mac?

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