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By: Unknown, July 29, 2012

images-3Yep that’s right! You can share photos with your family and friends via sound. The app is called Chirp, and it takes sharing to a whole new level. It does this by uploading data to its cloud and sending it to your friends in very little time (further explanation after the break). The app is really easy to use. Just press a yellow button and your iPhone will chirp for two seconds. The sound produced by your iPhone is almost unique and will therefore make the app function well even in noisy environments! So how does the sharing work? Some users are afraid that this app could expose their privacy. The app is pretty much impractical but it’s one of these just for fun awesome apps. More details about this app with the download link after the break.

Chirp sends your picture to their cloud server and the sound sent is like an encrypted code for the image. Other iPhones that are running Chirp will receive the sound and ‘decrypt’ the code to produce the image on the screen. Magic! But there are downsides to this app. Although it offers a cool way of sharing pictures and even broadcast your picture to a large group of people; there are a couple of downsides to the app. This includes:

  • Annoying people will keep sharing photos in public places all the time
  • If you’re trying to share a picture with a friend it will be shared with other nearby iPhones running Chirp
  • Your data is being uploaded to Chirp’s cloud so it could not be safe (but it’s not like a secret agent will use an app making bird noises to share confidential pictures anyway!)
  • No practical use when you can use emails, whatsapp, messaging, etc.


But at the end of the day this app is just a cool fun way of photo sharing that can change the way we share photos in the future. For some reason the app is free. You can download it from here and tell us what you think about it. So far it has an average rating of 4 starts on the App Store. How much would you rate it?

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