Testing out Microsoft office 2013

By: Unknown, July 24, 2012

Testing Microsoft Office 365 or also known as Microsoft Office 2013. There is a bit of a difference though in the menus. For example the bar at the bottom now looks a lot nicer. On the other hand I don’t like the lack of contrast in the top bar which is plain white just like the paper I’m typing on and the wrapper around it. However, this could probably get themed with ease.

Animations are a lot cooler and it seems that Microsoft are focusing more in cloud and sharing services. If you can see the top right corner you will notice it has my name. This is the account I’m using for Microsoft Office.

Another awesome feature is that I can publish blog posts directly from Microsoft Office. For any other blogger out there this is how to do it. Click on ‘FILE’ in the top left corneràshareàpublish as blog post… and follow on from there. I’m having a bit of trouble with the set up though so I couldn’t get it configured yet.

Also, I just found out you can add photos directly from the web a lot easier than before from the insert tab. I’m playing around with Microsoft Office now and for once I’m feeling great change.

Microsoft Office 365 is available as a preview. You can try it out for free here. Do you think this will help Microsoft Office finally rise a lot again?

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