Tweetdeck review after update

By: Unknown, July 18, 2012
Twitter is now growing rapidly in terms of social networks. We can certainly thank Apple for it since iOS 5 considering 10 billion tweets have been tweeted from iOS 5 and 47% of photos uploaded to twitter came from iOS 5. But here we get to a twitter alternative called Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is a really popular twitter alternative available for both PC and Mac. The app really does replace twitter. You can sign in with multiple twitter accounts, but best of all you can sign in with facebook accounts too! More info about Tweetdeck and its recent update after the break.
I remember giving this app a try a few months ago and it got a bit buggy and I uninstalled it. But now that I re-downloaded it after it got an upgrade I'm really pleased with the app.

When you give this app a first look some users might not like its dark theme. However when you get into using it you will find that everything fits perfectly. You can tweet or post to facebook from the app using multiple accounts and even facebook pages.

The app promises new great features in the update. According to Tweetdeck this is what the update has to offer:
"Today you can more easily discover and react to the information you care about with new navigation features in TweetDeck. You have given us some really useful feedback after using these features on, and now you can use this swifter TweetDeck on other platforms too."
And last but not least, a video made by Tweetdeck demonstrating the new features:

So overall a great better experience to twitter. I love how I can have two timelines running side-by-side updating in real time. Alongside that you have your direct messages and interactions. The app also offers notifications. You can choose which 'column' notifies you of an update. Oh I didn't mention that yet, but Tweetdeck is divided into columns. So you can have a timeline for an account in a column, your facebook notifications in another, and so on..

Have you tried Tweetdeck? Do you like it?

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