Two weird tips to increase your iPhone’s signal

By: Unknown, July 29, 2012

There were problems with the iPhone 4 signal. The problem was with holding the bottom left part of your iPhone which is where the communications happen. But things got better with iPhone 4S. Whatever iPhone you're running you will most likely suffer poor signals in certain locations. Today I found two weird but pretty awesome tips to increase your iPhone's signal or perhaps any other phone. Here they are.

Put your iPhone in a glass


Just put your iPhone in a drinking glass! This boosts your signal as well as your sound.  This wouldn’t help if you want to call, but think of it as watching a short video or sending a text. The glass would be annoying but it’s better than nothing.

[Source: life hacker]

Use a cheap $1 bracelet


This is more of a DIY project. You know these cheap bracelets which you buy for charity or buy in a local shop. Yea the bracelets that are really thin. I’ve got a picture of one of them above. Just wrap it around your iPhone 4 and it fits almost perfectly. Now add a few more touches to it like making holes for the dock connector, speakers, headphone jack, and perhaps the mute switch and volume buttons.

[Source: theiPhoneguru]


How did it go for you?

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