Want to protect your life as well as your iPhone with a case? You can!

By: Unknown, July 15, 2012
Your iPhone can now do almost anything you want it to do. The mobile industry has rapidly revolutionized from being a device to call and text into a device that can browse the web, watch movies and now even save your life. With Yellow Jacket's new awesome case you can use your iPhone as a stun gun! Crazy cool! Below is a video made by Yellow Jacket followed by some more information about it.

Yellow Jacket claim that the stun gun takes less than two seconds to deploy, a lot faster than a regular stun gun. The case has its own built in battery which is used to activate the stun gun and also to charge your iPhone. It is available currently for $100 to pre-order, once released the price will be $125. Below is a link to the website for the case:
Yellow Jacket Case
What now? How much cooler and safer can your iPhone be? What do you think, awesome case right? 


  1. I think the app development experts stationed in Melbourne are developing something similar to this technology. It's a great app.

    1. This isn't similar to Yellow Jacket at all. In fact it's totally irrelevant.


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