Why Apple removed the rating after deleting apps in iOS

By: Unknown, July 20, 2012
Some may have wondered why Apple removed the popup when deleting an app asking you to rate it in iOS 3. I have been thinking about it for a while and have come up to a conclusion. Some of you might have even forgotten the popup I'm talking about so here's a screenshot of it.

Why did Apple do this? Read on to find out more.

When you are removing an app you do so because you hate it or want to free up some space. But in most cases it's because you don't like the app. It's almost impossible to rate an app 5 stars when deleting it obviously or else you wouldn't delete it.

So the reason Apple removed this is because it caused app ratings to generally be lower leading to the App Store being thought of as a store with poor quality apps. So to prevent too many negative reviews removing this popup is a really good move by Apple and something they shouldn't have even implemented in the first place.

Are there any other moves you noticed Apple have done to decrease the amount of negative reviews? A comment would do it all.

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