Apple could be integrating fingerprint technology in its products

By: Unknown, August 16, 2012
When Apple release a new product we almost certainly see an increase in graphic quality and speed of the product in terms of hardware, a better camera and new software improvement e.g. Siri. We have never really seen a major breakthrough in a new product when it comes to hardware. Sooner or later however, this may not be the case. The fact that Apple acquired AuthenTec hints at it all. We can't really be certain about what Apple are going to do but it seems like they will be going for fingerprint technology and further security in its later products.

Apple acquired AuthenTec just before summer and said that it needed to do so very quickly. Doing so hinted at many that they might be willing to introduce this technology in the iPhone 5. But what is it about the iPhone that could need fingerprint and security features? Is it an alternative to sliding to unlock the phone? If it was, Apple wouldn't be wanting to get it urgently. It is almost confirmed that Apple will be using this technology for its Passbook app that it introduced in iOS 6. By doing so, it has become a safe and secure method for users to pay rather than using a four-pin password.

TheNextWeb has covered a lot more details about this so have a look if you are looking for details.

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