How to make your Windows look and have some features of a Mac

By: Unknown, August 3, 2012
Mac OS is definitely a highly advanced operating system that competes strongly with Windows. With Mountain Lion being released it got even better. Although both systems do feature great unique content, Mac OS certainly has a lot more. In this tutorial I will teach you how to make your Windows PC (in this case I used Windows 7) to look like a Mac and have some great features uniquely found in a Mac. Below I have a screenshot of how my Windows 7 now looks like after the modifications:

This is Windows!

For more details of how I did this read on after the break.

Pros: Cool UI, little or no freezing, generally works smoothly, looks a lot like a Mac
Cons: UI could get a little glitch (transparency messes up), some other lags which could require you to restart your PC to fix

Theme, Dock and status bar:
For most of the theme, you need to download a transformation pack. Click here to download Transformation pack for Windows 7 and here for Windows 8. Configurations for the theme are quite easy. You may need to disable aero for some features to work. To do this choose a basic theme instead of an aero theme before running the setup.

App Store:
For the App Store I used Intel AppUp, a great app store for Windows. Ironically a lot better with a lot of greater apps than the store in Windows 8. After the download I changed the icon of the app. To change the icon on the desktop just download the image of the icon from the web. You may have to convert it to have an ico extension. To change the icon, first make sure you drag Intel AppUp onto the dock. The App Store icon will look fuzzy. Right click on it and icon select icon settings. You will find an App Store icon in the top left. Just select it and you are off to go.

Mac scrolling:
If you ever used a Mac you would have realized a great feature it has. No matter which window you are currently focused on; if you scroll the window where your mouse is will be the one scrolling. So for example let's say you have safari and google chrome running. Not sure why anyone would do that, but just pretend you have them both opened, and you last clicked in safari so it will be the one which you are focused on. Now if you move your mouse within google chrome and start scrolling. On windows safari will continue to scroll but on Mac google chrome will scroll. If you want to make your scrolling like a mac download this small tweak here.

Launch pad and widgets:
The transformation pack allows both of these features. An icon in the dock is used for launch pad. You can also move your mouse to the bottom left corner for the launch pad. To load up the widgets you can move your mouse to the bottom right corner or double tap the Ctrl key.

Launch pad


Mission control:
You can download mission control from here. But then it will be an application that you have to launch. So you can just drag it to the dock.

Mission Control

That's pretty much it. With the above modifications set up you will be pretty much as close to a Mac as possible on Windows. If you need help with the tutorial feel free to comment and I will be helping you as soon as possible. If you wanna get more then the only way really is to buy a Mac. You can buy a Mac Mini for as low as $599.

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