TShirtOS - Control your t-shirt with your iPhone; display text, pictures and video!

By: Unknown, August 3, 2012
Before you think wow this can't be real let me just clarify, it is. TShirtOS lets you display anything you want on your t-shirt via your iPhone! Crazy right? Well this is how it works. Your iPhone has a 'big brain' while the t-shirt has a 'small brain'. Both brains connect via the internet to let you display Facebook posts, tweets, instagram pictures or even play videos. The resolution obviously isn't as great as your HDTV. The display supports a view of 32 x 32 which matches the built in camera in the shirt. Oh yea I forgot to mention that the shirt has a built in camera as well as a microphone and speakers. These are shirts being revolutionized here.

So this awesome shirt that can display anything you want via your iPhone is fully washable and made of LED displays is gonna be great. But here is the problem. The production of the shirt costs a lot. However, one of the makers of the shirt as explained in the video below says that if demand increases the shirt will costs less and less and will therefore make the shirt available for sale. Simply spread the idea via social networks to show your interest. I have a few share buttons at the left side and below this posts. Share them to make the shirt available. Below is a video made by one of the makers of TShirtOS. Do you think you can be wearing a shirt with a camera that shows your new tweets in the future.

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