Cell Phone Monitoring Programs: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Let Your Child Keep Secrets from You

By: Unknown, September 17, 2012
This is a guest post by Brian Coulter (more details at the bottom of the post). He covered up the top 3 dangers that Blackberry monitoring software can prevent previously. If you want to write us a guest post click here.

Most working parents confront the dilemma of work-life balance day in and day out. While providing a cell phone resolves this issue to an extent, it does not give you the complete peace of mind about your child. He still may choose to keep some secrets from you because of his/her vulnerable age, natural inclination, and peer pressure. However, a cell phone monitoring program gives you precisely the power you need to secure your child’s better future.

With a cell phone monitoring program, you can monitor the physical location of the phone as well as its calls, messages, internet browsing, gallery, address book, and even the calendar on the phone. The software uploads the logs to the vendor's website for your secured watching.

Some people aren't very keen on this idea. However, it allows you to know what your child goes through. And it helps you keep a guard on your children because:

1. You want them to stay safe.
Safety is the primary instinct of us human beings. We want our children to stay safe. The software can relieve you of this worry by letting you monitor your child’s physical location in real time. As soon as he enters a potentially dangerous neighborhood, the program will alert you. You can also make sure he makes hangs with the right company. Finally, you can make sure that he does not hang around in places that can negatively affect his personality.

2. You want them to get good grades.
You can’t let your child keep secrets from you because you want them to have good grades. If they indulge in addictive time-wasting activities, they risk their grades. And if they risk their grades, they risk their future. Making long duration calls, hanging out too late in the evening, texting, chatting, playing games, and social media can shift their focus from their goal in life. With proper monitoring, you can ensure their bright future by controlling addictive behavior and helping them get good grades in the exams.

3. You want them to have good networking.
Networking helps tremendously when the children grow up and embark upon their career. If they have been making career-oriented friends, they will start their career brilliantly. If they have been hanging out with mediocre students, they will end up struggling for their career. Don’t let them keep any secret about their companions. Make sure as a responsible parent that they have the right associates who will further strengthen their friendship by pursuing perfect careers together.

Editor's note: As a teenager myself I find this scary! But I'm sure most parents would benefit their children if they use the monitoring software. A link to a great example is available in the About the Author section below.

About the Author:

Brian Coulter has worked in the smart phone industry and uses his knowledge to tell readers what's hot and what's not in the smart phone world. He has also developed Cell Phone Monitoring Program.

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