How to hide default icons on Windows 7

By: Unknown, September 30, 2012
They can get annoying. The icons on Windows 7 sitting on your desktop could get really annoying and there is no obvious way to delete it. I'm talking about apps such as Recycle Bin and My Computer; you know the default ones. However the method to remove the icons is really easy when you know how to do it, and this is what I'll be covering in this post. I'm not exactly sure on what versions of Windows this method will work, but it does certainly work on Windows 7. Before we start you might want to check out these few related articles on Alwarakiblog:
So let's get started.
Search your Windows 7 using spotlight search for "hide common icons". You will find a result called "Show or Hide common icons on the desktop".
Show or hide common icons on the desktop

When you click on it you will get a window with options to hide (or show) the default Windows apps on your desktop. Simply tick the ones you want and untick the ones you don't want.

Tick and untick the icons
I like to keep the recycle bin showing because I just prefer dragging the apps to the bin rather than right-clicking.
That's pretty much it. Did the tutorial work out nicely for you?


  1. hi, this isn't really relevant to the post but i was wondering where you got the template you use from. Also, was it free or did you pay for it?

    1. Yes sure. The link is below but I have slightly modified the template. So if you need any help just ask me :)

    2. Ok, thanks. Great blog by the way


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