How your iPhone can get your body in shape

By: Unknown, September 2, 2012

Getting your body in shape is a task to many people these days especially teenagers. The problem about doing so is that many people would find it boring to workout so occasionally, in other words the reason people aren't working out is because they are too lazy to do so. This completely juxtaposes with using your iPhone which is really fun and enjoyable. So how about using your iPhone to help you get a better body. I don't mean listening to music from your iPhone. What I want to review today is a series of apps that will help you get your body in shape. The apps provide voice assistant as well as a variety of workouts for almost every part of your body including Abs, upper body, etc.

The developer has a series of fitness apps with a lite and full version; the lite version does a good job but if you really want to go for it then the full version would obviously offer more workouts. It would be too much to review the series of apps individually so I'll just group them together. All apps have a similar UI so I'll take Abs workout as an example since it's the most one I'm familiar with. You are offered either a full workout session with different difficulties of how hard you want the workout to be. The app also gives you different foods that you should eat to help you out with achieving a better body. Furthermore, an e-trainer sends you emails with tips and motivation to keep you going. I honestly can't say how much better this app makes it.

The 'voice coach' makes it easy for you to time your sit ups. The app provides different ways to get abs and not just the popular sit ups.

How about if a certain exercise in the workout is too hard or you need to learn how to perform the exercise? Easy! You can skip the exercise or check out a slide show on how to perform it.

The only suggestion I would want in the app is knowing how long each workout will last. Other than that the app is really great.

If you want to view all the apps by this developer click the link below:
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If you want to download the Abs workout free app click the link below:
-Abs Workout Free

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