Samsung's anti-iPhone ad crushed! (Updated with another pic!)

By: Unknown, September 16, 2012
Samsung have released an anti-iPhone 5 ad in which they attempt to show that the iPhone 5 is not good at all and that Samsung S3 already has all the features in iPhone 5 plus a lot more. This ad was proven totally incorrect by another image. I've included both images in this post.

It's really ridiculous for Samsung to even use such an ad to promote their phone. So your phone is better because you listed more of its features and left out the features in iPhone 5 blank? And anyone who sees this ad will certainly know what a feature like ShareShot actually is right? Very persuasive. Below are the spaces for the iPhone 5 section filled in to compete with these found in Galaxy S3. Yes it does seem that Samsung forgot to fill them in.

Did Samsung really think that the ad they published is persuasive?


Apple fans didn't stop there. Another picture was published on the internet that makes Apple win!



  1. Yes the devices can do identical things. Samsung does them easier. As for the iPhone win ad. There are just plain lies in it. LTE is the network which can have 100 Mbs download. However, no devices can reach that yet. I have seen the Samsung s3 reach 40 mbs on a speed test. They both make great products the problem is brainwashed apple customers always assume their device is the best but cant say why. Try deleting a library photo from your iphone (cant have to resync) Android is easier!

    1. It depends what phone you're used to you'll find certain ones easier. Like I have been using iPhones since iPhone 3G and when it comes to using Samsung, I can use it but not as easy as the iPhone. Same thing happens with my friends who have Samsung then come to use the iPhone. So it's really opinions. And about the ads, Samsung left blanks in the iPhone column thinking that they are better now when in fact as the fanboys proved, the same thing could be done for iPhone.


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