An entirely different look at Windows 8

By: Unknown, October 21, 2012
While many criticisms have been posted on how Windows 8 is really hard to use today I have a video for you I found on Gizmodo showing you a 3 year old using Windows 8 with the help of his father (voice only). The dad did not move the mouse around or touch the keyboard he just gave him a few commands of what to do. Yes, the kid is a 3 year old using Windows 8. So if you think Windows 8 is hard to use, chances are you're getting too old for the modern age. Welcome to 2012! Just kidding.

Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined so previous Windows users are going to have a bit of time getting used to the operating system. I'm no computer whiz but I was able to use Windows 8 properly in my first day. I did obviously find a few things I didn't know about every now and then, but getting used to the OS isn't much of a big deal. Once you know where things are and how to operate you will feel as if you're home.

Watch the video below.

Have you tried Windows 8 yet?

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