Apple announce the iPad Mini

By: Unknown, October 24, 2012

The rumours were unsurprisingly correct. Apple announced the iPad Mini yesterday with the the "full iPad experience" but on a smaller screen. The iPad Mini is a strong move by Apple to compete with smaller 7 inch tablets. It's priced at $329 which is more expensive than most of the smaller tablets, however it can do a lot more so the price tag is worth it. Apple ensured that the resolution of the iPad mini is the same as the resolution of the iPad 2, why? Read on to find out as well as all the top features in the iPad mini.

Not a weak version:

Apple is saying that the iPad Mini is not a smaller weaker version of what an iPad is capable of doing. Yes, it does run on a smaller chip than the 4th generation iPad but its chip is still powerful enough to complete the tasks you need an iPad for. It has an HD FaceTime camera, 1080p HD video recording  ultra-fast wireless, and a lot more.

Screen size:

The iPad Mini comes with a 7.9' display. This is big enough to make the iPad run apps beautifully and yet small enough to hold in one hand and use with the other. Apple seem to like the idea of one handed gadgets a lot, and so do consumers.

Screen resolution:

Apple kept the iPad Mini at the same resolution of the iPad 2. This means that the 275,000 apps made specifically for iPad will also work on the iPad Mini! Yes, less work for developers, more apps for consumers, and more money for Apple. How can their marketing get any better.

Smart cover:

Apple are selling smart covers made just for the iPad Mini. They promoted the idea with an advert. You can watch the advert below.


The thing that is really great about the iPad Mini is the design. The tablet is simply beautiful. It is 7.2 mm thin and approxximately 300 grams. Look at the picture of the iPad Mini below and compare it with other mini tablets.

Gorgeous right? What is your favourite feature in the iPad Mini?

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