Apple post tribute to Steve Jobs

By: Unknown, October 5, 2012

It's been one year since the death of a hero in many people's eyes. So far his spirit seems to still remain in Apple ans its employees. We have seen so many great products released during this year including the iPhone 5 and retina display Macs. Nevertheless some disappointments such as Maps were released. It is said however that Steve Jobs hated Google so much and he was going to do the same thing with Maps and Youtube.

In the video Apple show pictures of Steve Jobs while playing audio from previous keynotes. They even remembered him with a few jokes he said. It's good to see Apple are remembering funny moments of Steve's life. They share good times with him and makes me feel sad he is gone.

The video was done in a simple style that it seems as if it was made during Steve Jobs' era! It's a simple slideshow with audio in the back and with a grayscale effect applied. Did you find the video effective?

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