Apple send out invitations for October 23

By: Unknown, October 16, 2012
Apple are sending out invitations to the October 23 event. It is expected for Apple to announce a few new products including the iPad Mini, a new Mac Mini, a 13' inch Macbook retina and an iMac. The event will take place at California theater in San Jose starting at 10 AM Pacific time. The invitation has the phrase, "We've got a little more to show you." Interesting... Read on for for more details.

A 'little more'. Juxtaposition there. 'Little' seems to hint at the iPad Mini we get that, but what's the 'more' used for? What are Apple trying to hint? Is it that they will be announcing more products than the iPad Mini? We can't be sure but that's what I'm guessing. Let's just hope the Jobs success will stay in Apple.

What do you think will be announced at the event?

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