Cheer up! Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Rap Battle [Parody]

By: Unknown, October 22, 2012
I can't stop laughing and hitting the replay button every time I watch this music video. It isn't Bruno Mars' latest album or anything as boring as that, it's something epic. Epic Rap Battles of History made a parody rap battle between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Some of the replies are so funny and offensive you have to watch the video to believe it. The video is 4 months old so some of you may have already watched it. I watched it a few months back but saw it today on YouTube and after laughing for ages I said I must share the video on the blog too.

Some of the funniest parts:
After the video so I don't ruin it for you!

"With your second hand jeans and your turtle neck!" Bill to Steve
"A man uses the machines you build to sit down and pay his taxes, a man uses the machines i build to listen to the Beatles while he relaxes." Steve to Bill

Who won? You decide!

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