iPad Smart Case vs iPad Smart Cover

By: Unknown, October 26, 2012
Apple's next generation of iPad's, the iPad Retina Display aka iPad 4th Generation and iPad Mini, are available for pre-order from Apple's online store. After pre-ordering the 4th generation iPad with a smart cover as it protects both sides of the iPad; I thought for a while. Is the smart case the right decision?

The smart case protects the iPad from both sides which is ultimately the reason people would want to buy a case. But there was something about the smart case that I liked a lot, it looked really beautiful. It's elegant simple design has been promoted in adverts and I seemed to believe it would do a better job.

So after doing some research I have come up with a comparison of both options as well as a YouTube video. I hope you like them.

Which is which?

Throughout this article I'll be referring to the smart case and smart cover obviously because this is a comparison of both options available in the Apple Online Store. I have included pictures of both choices so you can know which is which if you didn't already know.

iPad smart case
iPad smart cover

Both cases lock and unlock the iPad automatically whenever the case covers or uncovers the screen. This is why they're considered smart.


The smart case protects both the front and back of the iPad. It also protects the iPad from all the sides. The smart cover only protects the front of the iPad, but you can get a magnetic case that fits with the smart cover for full protection. Generally, if you're looking for protection then you should go for the smart case, unless you would like to get a case that is compatible with the smart cover.


The Smart Case looks better than the Smart Cover. It may depend on opinion and your opinion might be different to mine. But by comparing the looks and material of both cases the Smart Cover appealed as a better looking one to me.


The Smart Cover functions better than the Smart Case. It is a lot stronger in holding your iPad up during usage and typing. Furthermore, it's different positions are more appropriate to the iPad.


The iPad Smart Cover is priced at $39 or $69 depending on the material you select. The latter one is made of leather while the first one is made of polyurethane. The iPad Smart Case is priced at $49 for a polyurethane version while no leather version is available.

Video comparison:

Your opinion:

Which one would you prefer, smart cover or smart case? Have you tried any of them before? Share your experiences!

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