Mircrosoft Windows phone 8 will be announced on October 29

By: Unknown, October 5, 2012

Microsoft are really entering into making their own hardware now as well as their own software. After Steve Jobs teasing the fact that people who are serious about their software must make their own hardware for it several years ago, Microsoft announced the the Microsoft Surface in June which till today we have not heard any confirmed price or release date for it. Now after many hardware manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung are making their own Windows 8 phones; Microsoft knew that they too should be making hardware for their Windows 8 phone ... and here it is.
Microsoft are sending out invitations for their Microsoft phone 8 which is set to be announced in October 29. Hopefully we will be receiving a lot more details about price and release date than what we heard about Microsoft Surface. We might even hear the details about Microsoft Surface during the announcement. It would be funny if another glitch is shown accidentally during the announcement similarly to the glitch in the Microsoft Surface.

The phone looks pretty cool and the software seems promising. Do you think this phone could be a bridge to success for Windows phone 8 software?

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