Apple sold 3 million iPad in 3 days

By: Unknown, November 5, 2012

Apple just announced that during the three launch days they have sold three million iPads. This includes the iPad 4th Generation as well as the iPad Mini. This is double the sales of the first 3 days of the iPad 3rd Generation which sold 1.5 million iPads. This theoretically makes sense as they're selling two iPad models so they get double the sales of only selling one. Practically though, it's not that simple.

Apple released the iPad Mini with quite a high price in comparison to its competing 7 inch tablets. Unsurprisingly though it got a lot of sales. Same with the iPad 4th generation which was regarded as a small upgrade. 3 million sales of these tablets is certainly a high number and something to make Apple proud.

The iPads are available in 34 countries with more to come. However, I don't live in the US and ordered mine from Apple US and had it shipped to me, so if you try the availability of these devices is actually pretty reasonable.

Furthermore, Apple are boasting the fact that the iPad Mini has run out of stock. This is good because there is high demand for their website, however this isn't the first time this happens to Apple. In fact it happens almost everytime they release a new device. Apple should be new prepared to such high demand by increasing their production units.

It's still big good news for Apple to sell so many devices. As I said above I pre-ordered the iPad Mini but I didn't get it yet as it being shipped outside of US. Was your iPad part of the 3 million sales?

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