Capture full screen photos on iPhone 5 using the default camera app [No Jailbreak]

By: Unknown, November 2, 2012
The iPhone 5’s camera received a few upgrades from the iPhone 4S. It remains at 8 mega pixels but received a few improvements such as a sapphire lens. There is one drawback though to the iPhone 5’s camera which is that photos captures using the default camera app don’t cover the whole screen leaving you with ‘black bars’ a the top and bottom. This does happen with previous iPhones except that the bars used to be so thin and to a certain extent un-noticeable. However, video on the iPhone 5 can be recorded in full screen which is how you can do the trick to capture photos in full screen too.

To capture full screen photos you will need to launch the camera app and switch to video mode. Start recording the video and then press the capture button during the video. If you're not aware of it , Apple allows you to capture pictures while recording a video on the iPhone 5. So since the video is in full screen, the same result will happen with the photos you capture.

Although this way does solve the problem it requires a few extra taps to switch to video and start the video. You will probably end up having to delete the video too which will require a few more taps. But if you're about to shoot a series of pictures then this method will be very helpful to you.

Apple also introduced panorama mode to iPhone 5. You can shoot panorama mode from left to right or right to left. Panorama mode is a feature that has been in Android for a few years, nevertheless it’s great to see the feature becoming available to iPhone owners too.

I showed my friend this method and he was impressed by it, do you find it useful?

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