Get the Internet to work for you with IFTTT!

By: Unknown, November 4, 2012
If This Then That (IFTTT) is a simple website that does exactly what it says. The website lets you choose an event to trigger an action on the internet. The website is compatible with almost all of the online services possible and you will be finding many recipes that will help you get things done easier. A recipe I use is triggered when I update my profile picture on Facebook, as soon as I update my Facebook profile picture, my Twitter profile picture is updated too. Simple as that. No coding required whatsoever.

The process is really simple, a trigger then an action. That's why the website is called If This Then That. So when this happens then that will happen too. Read on for an explanation of the terms as well as sample recipes with a link to some recipes I recommend.

A recipe is an action the website can take. Each recipe has its own if this then that. You can make your own recipes and share them with the public, or browse recipes made by other people. Either options are very simple to follow. The website is self explanatory and you will find your way around it with ease.

Creating a recipe

To create a recipe you can either click the create link at the top of the page or simply click here. You will need to first choose the this and then choose the that.

Browsing recipes

To browse for recipes you can either click the browse link at the top of the website or simply click here. You will be surprised by some of the creative recipes you will find there. Below are two recipes that generally show what a lot of the recipes are able to do.

I use the Facebook to Twitter one, so that I don't need to update my profile picture twice. The second recipe I'm sure a lot of you would find it useful. I don't though because where I live it's always sunny. Sunny and really hot so don't think it's the good sunny!

You can also have the weather emailed to you or sent to you in a wide variety of methods. The way this tool integrates with your daily services is unbelievable.

Give the website a try, I can guarantee that you won't regret it!

Be sure to share your thoughts on the tool below as well as sharing this article with your friends so that the internet can work for them too.

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