Has Apple really ever invented anything?

By: Unknown, November 8, 2012
That's a big question. When I saw a video with this title being suggested on YouTube; I thought at first that this guy must be mad! Apple invented a lot of things. They've revolutionized the whole tech industry.

Then... I watched the video and realized it. Apple barely invented anything. The guys at teksyndicate who made the video were running a contest on what has Apple invented, and not improved. Strangely enough it turns out they didn't really bring out new ideas but instead brought many ideas, successful and failing ones, to life and totally revolutionized them.

As much as I do agree with their ideas, I'm totally against how they're blaming Apple for it. Apple may have not invented products, but they certainly saved many products from being ancient history such as tablets. And would they like other business copying them? Let's turn this round a little bit, would you like other people copying your work and getting credit for it?

Make sure to watch the video embedded below too.

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