Review Nokia HERE- my first working maps app is now here!

By: Unknown, November 20, 2012
Finally, as a Middle-East citizen I can now use maps. Mapping in the Middle-East is ridiculously poor and I'm aware that this is the case in many places. Google Maps does have a few places on their server here and there and some direction, yet it still doesn't have enough shopping malls or parks to be a good mapping application here (yes we do have shopping malls and parks!) iOS Maps didn't even have normal mapped directions in the Middle East, or at least most if it so that was really poor. On the other hand Nokia Maps simply have almost everything you will need from a maps app, but it could get slightly annoying sometimes.

Nokia Maps has just been released for iOS and being so enthusiastic about getting a maps app I downloaded the app almost as soon as it was made available. And here is what I found in it.

Firstly the app has a lot of data. It shows you a lot of locations to see and destinations to travel to. Unlike previous maps apps that couldn't find shopping malls, this app give you directions to specific gates of the shopping mall as well as restaurants you can eat in while in the mall. The results are actually really impressive, I can finally see myself using a maps app.

Furthermore, the app provides turn-by-turn navigation. This is a feature that was only introduced into iOS 6 earlier this year. Nokia have made it available with audio navigation for both foot, car, or public transport.

The map also has different views:
-Map view
-Satellite view
-Public transport view
-Live traffic review

Some of the features listed will not work in all countries worldwide. The app however supports mapping for more than 200 countries. I can certainly see this as my mapping application.

There are however a couple of drawbacks from the app.

The app doesn't have that iOS user interface but is rather more Nokia-ish than iOS. This could be pretty annoying but is not a big issue. Another problem I had was with zooming in and out and panning across the map; most apps would show you every bit of the map as it loads. So if any point on the map has loaded it will be viewable. On the other hand, Nokia HERE puts annoying squares with the word 'here' on them that are certain to annoy the user. This problem should not grow either as the maps are likely to be cached on the device.

Other than that I haven't got anything else to say. I had only just used the app for a few minutes so there may be a few cool features or bugs that aren't covered. Please share anything of the app that you find.

Download links: iOS, Android.
Note: I'm not sure if the Android link is official.

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