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By: Unknown, November 3, 2012
Reading articles could be a time waster. It is useful and does give you useful content and keeps you up with the news you care about, but it could sometimes just be a waste of time reading many parts of an article. This is where Summly comes in handy. Summly is a free app that received Editor's Choice and was tweeted from Apple's official App Store account on Twitter. This is really remarkable for an app developed my a 17 year old. More details after the break.

The Summly app promises a beautiful and simple reader for the summaries. Summaries are 400 characters long and are automatically generated. You can use a simple scrolling gesture to read the full article if you wish to do so. For the summary, the app is clutter-free with little buttons. Gestures play a big role in the app.

Unfortunately I can't provide a full review on the app yet as I did not get an iPhone 5 yet (not available in my country), but the app seems rather promising in terms of design. It does however summarize content quite poorly quite a lot of times according to reviewers on the internet.

Bear in mind though the app is free and is available on iPhone 3GS all the way up to iPhone 5 with compatibility for the larger screen. The app will be coming to Android soon. Use the links below for more information.

Download the app from iTunes
View the Summly website

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