Tiled Review- make photo collages on iOS

By: Unknown, November 9, 2012
Tiled is am awesome free application for iOS. The app lets you make photo collages-put pictures next to each other- on your iOS device. It supports both iPhone and iPad. The app groups your photos beautifully into one app. There are other apps that perform similarly but this one is the best I've tried.


You can zoom in and out of the pictures to make them look the way you want them too. Sometimes though, I would want to zoom out a bit further but I can't.

The app gives you a wide variety of options of ways to group your pictures together. You get pages of options which is really good especially if you want to include a few pictures of a holiday together. There are many other times when you may want to use this app, but this is just an example.

The app includes a lite and pro version. Tiled is one of the apps where the lite version is good enough. Furthermore, the full version only cost $0.99 which is a really low price. It removes ads and adds a few more extra features such as changing the border colour.


Be sure to check out the app by using the link below.

Do you know any apps that are better than this one? Be sure to share them below as well as your rating of this app.

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