What makes a normal phone be considered as a smartphone

By: Unknown, November 8, 2012
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If you understand what makes a normal phone a smartphone, it could simply help you in making the option of leaving your bulk size computer at home or office and simply rely on its miniaturized version through smartphones. If you compare any normal phone with a high end smartphone, there are many visible differences between the two. The smartphones are capable of doing many functions unlike your PC or laptop; it offers you a more amount of features and high end experiences without actually sacrificing any function you enjoy in your PC. In order to make your normal phone a smartphone, it should carry the following features as discussed below.

Enhance messaging capabilities
Any normal cell phone has the capacity of sending out only the text messages; however, a smartphone is capable of sending different kinds of messages in a much faster speed and ease. You can easily send a number of email messages from multiple accounts; even shoot messages over different social media sites like Facebook, Twitters or Google Plus. You can even chat with your friends or family using different instant messaging software like GTalk or Yahoo Messenger. All these messaging programs also cater some additional functionality including better message management via some advanced sorting options.
The internet functionality
When you hook your smartphone with any competent internet package via any wireless carrier, the phones simply render you a huge amount of powerful web browsing experiences. Instead of getting the simple and limited access of your favorite site over the phones, the smartphone devices help you in enjoying the full featured versions without any hassle unlike you experience over your PC. This increased kind of functionality found especially in some of the flash based websites could hardly give the same experience unlike you experience over the smartphone due to the hardware and software constraints.
The QWERTY Keyboard
A smartphone cannot be smart without having a full keyboard. In fact, without having a QWERTY Keyboard, it can be same as any other normal mobile phones. You may not be able to carry out anything in an instant fashion, hence making the process difficult. The QWERTY Keyboard in smartphone gives the same functionalities, which you enjoy in your PC or laptop.
The media capabilities
One prominent difference between a normal phone and smartphone is usually in terms of media capabilities. The smartphone help you in loading videos and music files without any hassle, rather simply sticking over the old fashioned mp3 player or the bulky portable DVD player to enjoy a perfect music experience. You can easily streamline a wide range of devices required to enjoy your favorite music with a smartphone. These devices are available with loads of software (which you also use in PCs) for simple media management process.
Additional Applications
One of the most useful functions found in smartphone is the capacity to have its usefulness extended via downloading a number of apps. If you do not like your calendar, you have many other types of calendar apps available on web, which you could download without any hassle. If you want applications for your business or professional use, you could find a number of business related applications for smartphone. The GPS system in your smartphone would guide you while moving in your car to find exact roads to reach your desired destination. You name any application; you can have them downloaded over your smartphone. This is certainly not possible over any normal phone.
Final word
A normal cell phone is restricted with functions like calling or texting or enjoying small amount of videos or music over these phones. However, smartphone features a number of things, right from video conferencing, enjoying movies, photo sharing, capturing quality pictures and videos to playing games, you have loads of things to enjoy over these phones.

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