Facebook slowly introducing 'reply to specific comments'

By: Unknown, December 4, 2012
Facebook is trying to improve their comment system that usually gets really messy, really messy. Especially when it is a post by a big page and there is an argument going on between two people, you see them both arguing with a reply coming in many comments later and another loser joins in the argument and all the comments become really messy. So it is really sensible for Facebook to introduce a new system in comments when people can reply to comments individually.

In the new system you can basically reply to specific comments as shown above. You can click on the icon next to reply to see replies to that specific comment. The overall interface is a lot cleaner and simple.

Additionally, I would expect users to get a notification when someone replies to their specific comment so that if someone doesn't know the name of the movie in the picture he will get a notification when someone replies to him rather than having to look through the comments for something relevant. Who doesn't know the Hangover anyway? ;)

Since the system is new we can still see people commenting in the traditional method rather than replying to the specific comment, but it will take time for people to get used to this.

I find it really great for Facebook to introduce such a feature and I can't think of any possible flaws for such a system. Do you like the idea?

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