GTA Vice City review for iOS

By: Unknown, December 9, 2012
GTA promised that they will be releasing a ported version of GTA Vice City to both iOS and Android. It has been out for iOS for roughly a week now, but not for Android due to technical reasons.  The app is priced at $5 for a universal app. So you only need to buy it once to play it on 10 iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I bought the game and have been playing it on the iPad for quite a while and this is what I can say about it.


As soon as I started the game I skipped the into scenes just to get to the game play. I was keen to find out how good the driving will be on the tablet. I entered my car and drove off. And to be honest ... I was quite disappointed.

Maybe my expectations were too high. I was expecting something that will compete with the GTA IV I rock on my PS3. But this was nothing like it. It reminded me of a modded version of GTA Vice City I used to play on my laptop. I guess my expectations were actually too high, because after all this was a port of Vice City so it is no surprise that driving is similar to Vice City.

By default you're set to drive with two arrows making the idea of the game being ported stick out. Nevertheless, you can change the controls from the settings to have an accelerometer and/or an on-screen analog stick to drive with.

There aren't many variations of cars and if I have seen the vehicles repeated many times hinting that there isn't too much types of vehicles. But I bet you can't find my ride that's in the image below!

And lastly about driving, the visible distance in the game is quite low. It has happened to me that a car randomly appeared close by when I was speeding off with a sport car. Quite annoying, but tolerable.

I dare you to find a better car

Police chases:

Shoot down a police man and drive off. Something I always do in GTA. After playing this game for a while and not getting past 1 star I found that the chases are similar to the GTA I'm used to. A 1 star police chase just needs you to drive off at top speed for a few seconds and you're done. I still didn't get the guts guns to go for more stars.

Annoyingly though, the police open the door really fast and bust you. So if you're switching cars during a police chase chances are you are going to get caught. I found that extremely annoying, but I just have to be careful when leaving my car.

The police took my only gun away when they busted me!

They are everywhere these people


Fighting in GTA Vice City is pretty similar to other GTAs. You punch the guy till he goes from having the ability to run to death just from your last punch. Now this is a problem with all GTAs and it still exists here.

Fighting as well as running people over are two fairly good ways to make quick money when all you have is $30. As you progress through the game you will gradually make money a lot faster doing missions.

Don't mess with me!

The World:

When I speak about the world I'm talking about the environment in GTA, so the places you can go to. Movement isn't very realistic in the game but you couldn't ask for more. The maps are pretty much identical to the actual Vice City for Laptop's and mobiles.

Some parts of the game are far too unrealistic though like the image below.

In a swimming pool


In conclusion, by summarising the 4 main aspects of a Grand Theft's Auto game I would rate this game 4 out of 5 stars. The game is unrealistic in many situations but it is still a game you grab and play till your battery drains. In terms of porting, this game has been ported to work on iOS but not match the visuals of an iOS game. It's hard to explain exactly what I mean but if you play the game you will realize that it doesn't feel like an iOS game.

The game did cost $5 and the question some of you might be willing to ask now is, "Is it worth it?" And the answer is yes. The game is completely worth the $5. It has a long career as well as some good free-roam on an iOS device. Furthermore, since this is a universal app, you can save your game data on the cloud so you can pick up where you left off on different devices. If I could give the game back now that I have tested it and get my money back I will probably refuse.

If you want to grab the game then feel free to do so using the link below.
Download GTA Vice City for iOS - iTunes link

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