Microsoft pay a few celebs for Windows Phone 8 ads

By: Unknown, December 2, 2012
Microsoft are spending more money to promote Windows Phone 8. By watching previous adverts and promotional videos it is obvious that Microsoft really love the idea of having tiles. And yes it is a great feature. Microsoft however are spending a lot of money to make people love the idea as much as they love it too.

Microsoft are now airing new adverts that are promoting the idea so much but would probably also cost them a lot of money. In my opinion, getting celebs for adverts doesn't really help promote a product especially when you know the celeb is only doing so because he/she is getting paid. Watch the 4 ads below and tell us how successful you think they are, or will be.

The first ad focuses on Outlook integration and how it can help make your life easier.

The second one is about how Windows Phone 8 could be perfect for 'assistance'

The third one shows why Cam loves his HTC running Windows Phone 8.

The fourth one promotes the Kid's Corner feature that is available on Windows Phone 8.

Which of the four adverts is your favourite and why?

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