Samsung smart air conditioner- controll your AC from practiacally anywhere

By: Unknown, December 8, 2012
Some people already live in houses that cost them millions because they're so high-tech and friendly to the user. This is very good for them, but what about the average consumer like me and you(?) Technology is steadily entering our houses and we can take great advantage of them to live a 'happy' life.

Samsung Smart Zone
The dream bedroom!

Samsung are making this dream a good step closer. They introduced in the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner. This AC is actually smart and not just like any other AC. The key feature in it is that you use your phone (Android or iPhone) to control your AC.

 Samsung Smart Zone 2

But I have a remote why will I need that?

Well two reasons with the latter being more important.
  1. As technology is advancing it is best to unify all your software on one hardware. The smart AC will eliminate your remote control.
  2. You can use your phone to control your AC from anywhere in the world. Below is a great example
Imagine you're coming home and it's hot nowadays so you usually go home, turn on your AC and wait for your room to cool. You boil for the few minutes and maybe even sit in your car till your room is cold again.

Ok I took it too far there.

But you know it would be great to enter your house and have it cold without waiting right? Well that's exactly what I find awesome about the Samsung Smart AC. You can turn on your AC over cellular data or Wi-Fi and have your house all cold without entering your house. So you can turn on your AC 10 minutes before getting home and assign the temperature you want. Below is a demonstration video made by Samsung.

[Source: Redmond Pie]

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