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By: Unknown, December 23, 2012
Most people tend to watch TV Shows either from TV or from their computer simply because an iPhone does not support flash player to watch the TV shows. After a bit of experimenting I found the best and easiest method to watch TV shows from an iPhone or any smart phone.

To start off, I do know there are browsers on the App Store that support Flash Player. However, it is very glitch and will cost you money to use Flash after the trial period has finished. The videos take forever to buffer too. So I eliminated this option.

I then found websites that play TV Shows without the need for a flash player. Great! I found the one that is best optimized for a smart phone and loaded up an episode to watch. The graphics were nice and it was easy to get to the video. However the video kept on buffering few seconds. So I left my iPhone for a few minutes and came back to watch. The video started buffering when I was half-way through the episode.

The website I used is It is nicely optimized for the iPhone and in a way suits its UI.

If you have fast internet you may as well stick to the link above and watch your episodes from there. But if you want to download the episodes directly to your iPhone for free then read on.

There are many apps to download videos on the iPhone. I used an app called Video Downloader (nothing genius in the name) to download the episodes. It has its own built-in browser and is really easy to use. When you get to the page with the video in it just tap the action button at the bottom and tap download all.

Easy to Download

Track your downloads

Both the website and the app have a very simple interface which is why I decided to use them for my own use as well as share it on this blog. I hope you found this tutorial useful. Make sure you share this with your friends so that they can enjoy too.

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