Get running! Temple run 2 early review

By: Unknown, January 18, 2013
Temple Run has been a featured hit in mobile app stores, and it still is. From iOS to Android this game is one that stands out. It was featured recently in an Apple press release too. The developers knew that sticking to one game will not be enough if they really want to grow and so here is, Temple Run 2.

We have already seen Temple Run Brave, but that didn't get a top spot in the list. However, Temple Run 2 is now the top free app 1 day after it has been released. The new game is quite a significant improvement over the previous game. Here is an early review for the game.


A notable improvement that's quick to spot is the improvement in graphics. The game now has more attractive and bright graphics in comparison to the more dull Temple Run 1.


Since the game is free, the devs of the game would certainly want to make some money out of the game. A popular method with most modern games nowadays is having in-app purchases. In Temple Run 2, you can buy packs of gems. The gems come in handy as you can use gems if you die to continue your run. Furthermore, it can be used to make power ups last longer. The game also has coins which can help you unlock characters and make power ups more effective.


The game has a concept similar to this seen in games such as Jet Pack Joyride. You're given a few challenges and when you complete it you level up. Leveling up will reward you with a few gems. These gems can be used to help you in the game as seen in the gems sub-category. Think of these levels as missions. You still play the game like before except you need to complete these missions in your runs to complete them and level up.

More action:

The game got a boost in action. You can slide down ropes and ride in carts while in what looks like a cave or a tunnel. There are also more dangerous and fun obstacles that you will see in your runs. I'm not going to say what they are partially because I don't want to ruin the game for you, but mainly because I haven't seen many yet.


The overall experience has been improved. The game is in a more 3D style which at first was confusing but makes the game more challenging and more fun. When you play the game you will just feel that the gaming experience has actually changed and this is not a copy cat of Temple Run 1.

Download & Price:

The game is free for iOS and coming next week for Android. It is currently available for iPhone and iPad. To download the iOS version click here.

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  1. Awesome review. I loved the first one, and I love this one too! I also did a quick review on the game :P

    1. Thanks. I wasn't a fan of the first game though but this one is just way too good. I read your review and it's really nice too ;)


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